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Career Transition Coaching for Business Women

You are an active woman, combining a busy professional and personal life? Whether you are already established in your career or aspire to be, you may feel the need for professional renewal, a desire to take on new challenges or explore other career horizons.

If you are looking to change direction in order to achieve your full potential, but are not sure how, this program is for you. Perhaps you feel disconnected from your current job, you are lacking motivation and energy, or you are experiencing a sense of disconnect in your professional environment. You may no longer find meaning in your current activities and you are looking for a career more in line with your personal values and aspirations.

This personalized coaching program is designed for women who want to become aware of their talents and potential, test their ideas, overcome their fears and build their professional project. It will allow you to develop your full potential and realize your dreams, while looking for the best way to take action and combine it with your private life.

This is your moment, a precious opportunity to focus on your aspirations and turn your dreams into reality. Together, we'll work to shape a career that not only fulfils your ambitions but also enriches your life as a whole.

How can coaching help you with your career transition?

Women who are considering a career change often feel lost or dissatisfied with their current situation, but don't know how to go about changing. There comes a time when periods of low energy seem to outweigh those of vitality, and the idea of a career change emerges, accompanied by its share of uncertainties and fears.

One of the main advantages of this career transition coaching programme is its step-by-step structure, designed to reveal your strengths and talents, clarify and validate your career plan, and draw up an action plan. Besides, you will benefit from personalised support to help you effectively manage the stress associated with this career change, while equipping you with practical tools to maintain your well-being and dynamism.

I put my skills as a certified coach, naturopath and my professional experience at an executive level at your service to guide you through your career transition.

Career transition coaching offers you a unique opportunity to rediscover and transform yourself.


  • Rediscovering yourself: Reconnecting with your essence and your deepest aspirations.

  • Clarity and perspective: Engage in in-depth reflection on what is truly appropriate and right for you.

  • Strategic orientation: Make informed decisions about the development of your professional project, whether it is fine-tuning your current activity or developing a brand new project, perfectly aligned with what drives you and gives you energy.

  • Confidence and assurance: Acquire the certainty of making the right choice in your new direction, eliminating doubts and uncertainties.

  • Drive and motivation: Find within yourself the motivation and energy you need to start this new chapter with confidence and determination.

  • A new chapter: Marking the start of a new adventure, rich in possibilities and achievements.

It's an invitation to redefine your future career path so that it truly reflects who you are and what you want to achieve.

Mon Coaching

What will my role be?

As your coach, my commitment is to listen to you and accompany you through each stage of your transition with kindness and expertise.

  • Personalized support: I will be at your side to help you navigate from your current situation to the realization of your new project, ensuring a smooth and considered transition.

  • Active and empathetic listening: I offer you a non-judgmental listening space, where your thoughts and feelings are welcomed with openness and respect.

  • Exploration and awareness: Through targeted and insightful questioning, I help you explore new horizons and realize the awareness essential to your personal and professional growth.

  • Constructive encouragement: I provide you with caring support, encouraging you to push yourself when it is beneficial, while always listening to your needs and pace.

  • Positive energy sharing: I am committed to sharing with you the positive, energizing energy that is essential to maintaining your motivation and enthusiasm throughout this journey.

My role is to help you unlock your potential and move confidently towards your goals, providing you with the framework, tools and support you need to succeed on this journey.

How does it work?

Career transition coaching is the first step in setting up your new life.

During a preliminary session (free of charge and with no obligation), I will define your objective with you and the criteria that will enable you to validate that you have achieved it. I will present the program to you and answer any questions you may have.

The coaching sessions are built around a logical sequence that explores the following themes and draws out the essential elements for developing your future project:


Become aware of what's important to you and revisit your experiences from a new angle.


Who am I ?

Qui suis je

My curiosity about health prevention and personal development has always guided me, informing every stage of my professional and personal life.

In the dynamic world of the industry, I have risen through the ranks, taking on roles of great responsibility while weaving the threads of a rich and fulfilling family life. It's a path that has taught me the art of the possible, the balance between professional ambition and personal happiness.

It was during a career transition that I was coached myself, an experience that was a revelation. Accompanied by a professional coach, I discovered the power of coaching, a structured approach to personal and professional development. I embraced this passion, training myself in coaching techniques to enrich the lives of my colleagues, to guide them as I had been guided.
Since 2011, I am active in the world of professional coaching, first as an internal coach, combining this expertise with my managerial duties, and then as a certified independent professional coach

My specificity

My unique approach combines my knowledge of naturopathy and coaching. I offer you an holistic support, embracing both your professional aspirations and your personal well-being, with an emphasis on preventing stress in life changes.

My greatest passion? Helping business women who are full of ambition and want to reinvent themselves professionally. I share my experiences and learnings with them, in the hope of opening up faster and brighter paths to success and fulfilment. I am honored to be part of their journey, to see their dreams and ambitions blossom.


Practical Information

At my office in Louvain-la-Neuve

In the center of Brabant-Wallon, en Belgique


From the confort of your home or in another place with internet connexion with e-coaching (Teams/Zoom)

Because it's important for you to achieve your goal, I offer you a flat-rate package based on your requirements.

I invite you to a free introductory session so that we can get to know each other, explore your objective, answer your questions and set the framework for the coaching. 

At the end of this session you will have the choice of whether to continue the coaching journey.

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+32 (0)472 197.223

Meeting address

20 Avenue du Grand-Cortil,

1348 Louvain-la-Neuve

Accessible by car with parking nearby

Accessible by public transport

10-15 minutes walk from Louvain-la-Neuve  train station

Photo camille_edited.jpg

Camille, Attorney

To be accompanied by Virginie is first and foremost to be welcomed by a smiling person brimming with energy.


The scent of eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass in her office
invites serenity.

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